My name is Bevan Thomas and I’m a writer and editor from Vancouver, BC. I’m a long-serving board member of Cloudscape Comics, British Columbia’s largest coalition of comic creators, as well as a frequent contributor to their anthologies as both a writer and editor, creating stories on a wide variety of themes, including a reminiscence on the death of my grandfather, the story of Theseus & the Minotaur from the Minotaur’s point-of-view, and the hunt for a unicorn. Furthermore, I spearheaded Epic Canadiana, Cloudscape’s Gene Day Award-winning series of anthologies on Canadian superheroes. Outside of Cloudscape, my comics have also been published in GuruKitty Studios anthologies, Pulp Literature magazine, and the Beyond SF anthology.

However, I don’t restrict myself to comics, and have also worked on novels, short stories, and television scripts, including a story about the Golem of Prague that appeared in Superhero Universe: Tesseracts 19. Each storytelling medium has its own special strengths, and I love to explore each one.

Explore the rest of my website to learn more.

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