My name is Bevan Thomas and I’m a writer and editor from Vancouver, BC. I’m a board member of Cloudscape Comics, British Columbia’s largest coalition of comic creators, as well as a frequent contributor to their anthologies as both a writer and editor, creating stories on a wide variety of themes, including a reminiscence on the death of my grandfather, the story of Theseus & the Minotaur from the Minotaur’s point-of-view, and the hunt for a unicorn. Furthermore, I spearheaded Epic Canadiana, Cloudscape’s series of anthologies on Canadian superheroes with a particular focus on minority heroes. Outside of Cloudscape, my comics have also been published in a trio of anthologies by GuruKitty Studios and the Beyond SF anthology.

However, I don’t restrict myself to comics, and have also worked on novels, short stories, and television scripts. Each storytelling medium has its own special strengths that are so exciting to explore.

Explore the rest of my website to learn more.

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