About Me

Bevan Thomas, storyteller

I am a writer, comic creator, and world-builder currently living in Vancouver, BC. I teach writing for comics as part of Langara College’s Graphic Novel program and also serves as a board member of Cloudscape Comics, BC’s largest comics publisher.

I have been a writer and editor on many of Cloudscape’s anthologies. My stories have explored a wide variety of themes, including a reminiscence on the death of my grandfather, the story of Theseus & the Minotaur from the Minotaur’s point of view, a hunt for a unicorn, a young girl befriending a sinister idol, and an adaptation of the Welsh legend The Tale of Taliesin. Most prominently, I was the driving force behind Epic Canadiana, a series of anthologies about Canadian superheroes that won the Shusters’ 2016 Gene Day Award for best self-published Canadian graphic novel.

Outside of Cloudscape, I has also written about the Golem of Prague fighting Nazis for Edge’s Superhero Universe: Tesseracts 19, aboriginal mechs battling demonic airplanes for the comics anthology Beyond, and the curse of the sasquatch for the magazine Pulp Literature. Though I like to write in a wide variety of genres, styles, and mediums, he is especially drawn to tales of the fantastical, the mythological, and the bizarre.

Right now much of my efforts are directed towards various writing projects that explore the mythology of my own Welsh heritage, including a collection of various stories of Welsh wizards, a retelling of King Arthur that returns him to his original mythological roots, and a comic adaptation of the Mabinogion that reinterprets it as a space opera in the style of French science fantasy.

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