About Me

Bevan Thomas, storyteller

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always loved stories: how they can express an idea, create a world, explore a person’s beliefs. I’d spend hours alone with a novel or listening at my parents’ feet or frantically sketching out my own ideas. I wanted to collect all the stories that had been told and I wanted to tell my own as well; I wanted to tell so many. I wanted to express myself to the world, share what I had to tell with everyone.

In university, I majored in English Literature and the Humanities, exploring the stories of both individual writers and whole cultures, from William Shakespeare, John Milton, and Robert Louis Stevenson to Greek Mythology and the development of European mystic thought. No matter the class, I was taking, what interested me the most was the stories they uncovered.

A few years back, I joined Cloudscape Comics, British Columbia’s largest coalition of comic creators, and ever since have been extensively involved in the organization. I’m a board member and the promotions manager, as well as a frequent contributor to their anthologies as both a writer and editor. My Cloudscape stories have explored a wide variety of themes, including a reminiscence on the death of my grandfather, the story of Theseus & the Minotaur from the Minotaur’s point-of-view, and the hunt for a unicorn. Furthermore, I spearheaded Epic Canadiana, Cloudscape’s Gene Day Award-winning series of anthologies on Canadian superheroes. Outside of Cloudscape, my comics have also been published in GuruKitty Studios anthologies, Pulp Literature magazine, and the Beyond SF anthology.

However, I don’t restrict myself to comics, and have also worked on novels, short stories, and television scripts, including a story about the Golem of Prague that appeared in Superhero Universe: Tesseracts 19. Each storytelling medium has its own special strengths, and I love to explore each one.

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