I used to do freelance writing in a wide variety of mediums for various clients. Though I’ve largely moved on to other things now, here are some the projects I’ve developed.

1. Website Content
At the dawn of the 21st-century, this is the content writing that every business needs.

2. Social Media
Whether through blogs, newsletters, FaceBook, or Twitter, social media keeps you on people’s radar.

3. Press Releases & Media Kits
For a new product or service or if you are hosting a new event, press releases and media kits are great for getting you the attention you deserve.

4. Videos Scripts
Both presentations and animated commercials. It’s a terrific way for your target clients to get to know you and your services.

5. Media Interviews
As part of my work marketing a client’s brand, I have arranged interviews with radio and newspapers. Here are some of the interviews I arranged for Cloudscape Comics with the CBC, Georgia Straight, Vancouver Courier, and other outlets.

6. Corporate Comics
As a devoted comic writer and fan, I’m fascinated by a comic’s ability to engage an audience with a business, product, or service. I love using them to tell a company’s story and deliver its message.

7. Fiction
Whether on or off the job, I’m always telling stories. Here are some of my favourites over the years. Many of them are comics I’ve created with numerous artists.

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