I love to tell stories, and have told many of them over the years in numerous genres and mediums. A lot of my work has been with Cloudscape Comics, where I’ve been a writer on seven anthologies and an editor on four. These include:

  • 21 Journeys (2011). I wrote the story “Flyaway” with Reetta Linjama, a tale about a young woman trapped in a repetitive, banal life who longs to fly as free as a swallow.
  • Giants of the Main Street (2012). “Fallen Star” with Ksenia Kozhevnikova (“Theseus and the Minotaur” from the Minotaur’s point of view) and “My City” with Oliver McTavish-Wisden (about a man who keeps a city in a bottle). I also edited “On Urban Fauna,” their bestiary of monsters.
  • Waterlogged (2013). I was one of the editors, and the writer on “Grandpa” with Reetta Linjama (an autobiographical tale about my grandfather’s funeral)  and “Free As The Sea” with Ksenia Kozhevnikova (featuring a female pirate who hunts slavers in the Golden Age of Piracy) .
  • Mega Fauna (2014). I was one of the editors, and the writer on “Hunt for the Unicorn” with Chenoa Gao, about a huntress who pursues a unicorn, believing that its horn is her chance at freedom.
  • Bones of the Coast (2017). “Shining One” with Jeri Weaver, a horror story in which a young girl finds a mysterious idol that compels her to perform various monstrous acts.
  • Swan Song (2018). I was one of the editors, and the writer on “The Tale of Taliesin” with Reetta Linjama, an adaptation of the Taliesin folktale from Welsh folklore. Wales’ greatest bard demonstrates the power of his voice by summoning a storm to intimidate King Maelgwn of North Wales and all his court.
  • Epic Canadiana #1 (2013) and #2 (2015). I designed and edited the Epic Canadian series, a tribute to classic Canadian superheroes, and wrote several of the stories there. The second volume won the Gene Day Award for excellence in Canadian small-press publishing at the 2016 Joe Shusters 

Outside of Cloudscape, I have been published in:

  • Beyond (2015). A graphic novel anthology of queer sci-fi and fantasy. My tale of aboriginal mechs battling demons, “Twin-Souled,” was illustrated by Kate Ebensteiner.
  • Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen (2016). A Canadian superhero prose anthology. I wrote “Spirit in the Clay,” a short story of the Golem of Prague fighting Nazis.
  • Pulp Literature #12 (2016). A fiction magazine with a focus on genre fiction. My tale of sasquatch and the mysterious magic of the BC rain forest, “Curse of the Woods,” was illustrated by Eric Johnson.

Here are a selection of my stories that you can read online:


1. Tale of Taliesin
An adaptation of the folktale of Wales’ greatest bard. To prove that no bard is greater than he, Taliesin summons up a storm with the power of his poetry. Published in Cloudscape Comics’ anthology Swan Song
Art by Reetta Linjama

2. Grandpa
A retelling of my grandpa’s funeral and how I coped with all the feelings that it stirred up in me. Published in Cloudscape’s Waterlogged.
Art by Reetta Linjama

3. Hunt for the Unicorn
A woman in the Middle Ages hunts for a unicorn horn to acquire the wealth needed for her freedom. But what she finds is not what she expected. Published in Cloudscape’s Mega Fauna.
Art by Chenoa Gao

4. Ikniqpalagaq: Sweet Memories
One of the stories from my award-winning anthology of Canadian superheroes. This is the last documented adventure of Ikniqpalagaq, guardian of the north, daughter of the wind, and tribute to one of Canada’s first and greatest superheroes: Nelvana of the Northern Lights. Published in Cloudscape’s Epic Canadiana #2.
Art by Eric Johnson

5. Flyaway
Story of a young woman who seeks the strength of will to escape her monotonous, deadening existence. Her struggle for personal transformation is echoed by a little bird’s quest to escape the cold of winter and return to the warmth of the south seas. Published in Cloudscape’s 21 Journeys.
Art by Reetta Linjama

6. Fallen Star
Tale of “Theseus & the Minotaur” from the Minotaur’s point of view, as he wanders the Labyrinth, searching for freedom and beset with strange visions. Published in Cloudscape’s Giants of Main Street.
Art by Ksenia Kozhevnikova

7. Santa Muerte
A non-fiction comic strip created for an online news site. It explores the “Saint Death” sect of Latin American Catholicism.
Art by Reetta Linjama.

Video Scripts

1. B-Movie Factory: A Man & A Cape
A multimedia extravaganza, combining the performances of the Vancouver B Movie Factory with the artistic talents of Cloudscape Comics. A young man finds a mysterious cape that takes him on a strange journey represented through a synthesis of live-action film and comic-book panels. For the making-of episode that appeared on Shaw TV, see the Vancouver B Movie Factory Episode 4.

2. Ron Vark: A Comic Legend
Cloudscape mockumentary about Vancouver’s most prominent, most controversial, and most insane comic creator. Written by myself and starring various Cloudscape members. Warning: includes strong language.

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