Over the years, I’ve been interviewed on various Cloudscape Projects.

Kickstarter in the Community: Animals, Artists, and the Vancouver Comic Scene

Cheryl Minns, The Other Press. May 5, 2015.

I think the animal theme encouraged us to go off in a more all-ages direction by suggesting certain stories more than others…. The animal theme moved us more into the direction of pet relationships, the environment, wanting to belong, and other themes that children are more interested in.

Bevan Thomas, “Kickstarter in the Community.”

Epic Canadiana on NXNW

Sheryl MacKay, CBC’s North by Northwest radio show. April 1, 2014.

That nostalgia and fascination inspired me and other people at Cloudscape Comics to put together our own book that pays tribute to these classic characters…. All the writers and artists who got involved in the project really recognized the term ‘superhero’ is really such a wide term, and can include not only so many different kinds of characters but so many different kinds of genres.

Bevan Thomas, “Epic Canadiana on NXNW”

Sunset: Comics Club Floats on Fantasy

Cheryl Rossi, The Vancouver Courier. October 10, 2013.

We just want to inspire our members to go off on their own directions and to really bring their own passions and their own ideas and their own ways of approaching the medium into the organization, then use the organization as a springboard to go off in their own directions.

Bevan Thomas, “Sunset: Comics Club Floats on Fantasy”

Heads in the Clouds: Jeff Ellis and Bevan Thomas Dream Big as Members of Cloudscape Comics Society

Jason Wilkins, Broken Frontier. May 9, 2013.

[Cloudscape allowed me to] network with a lot of artists, resulting in a lot of fruitful collaborations. It also allowed me to become prominently connected with the local comics community as a whole, gave me a venue for getting my work published, and allowed me to receive feedback and advice from numerous established comic creators.

Bevan Thomas, “Heads in the Clouds”