As a freelance writer and editor, I’ve worked on everything from websites for home health care and metal coating machines to press releases for film festivals and comic book publishers. You can learn about many of my projects on my portfolio. Some clients recruit me for a single job – anything from a short script to a total company rebranding – while others call on me regularly. Whatever the project, I adapt my services to best suit my clients instead of trying to force them to adapt to best suit me.

Though my hourly rate is $50, I provide various packages that deliver my services at a discount:

  Specialist Scholar Sage
Hours 3 10 40
Cost $125 $395 $1395
Cost/hour $41.67 $39.50 $35
Examples of what this can buy:
  • Website landing page
  • Article or blog entry
  • Short bio
  • One-page script
  • Full page of potential taglines, company names, etc.
  • Press release
  • Editing for short website, brochure, or a series of blogs.
  • Short website
  • 3 articles or blog entries
  • Extensive bio
  • Several-page script
  • Short brochure
  • Media kit
  • Series of press releases
  • Editing for a longer website, manual, or booklet
  • Large website
  • 12 articles or blog entries
  • Booklet or manual
  • Long script
  • Series of brochures
  • Basic marketing campaign
  • Extensive editing


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