“[“Free as the Sea” from Waterlogged] really grabs hold of the glamorized idea of a pirate fighting both gender roles and slavery…. There’s a small twist at the end, and while I like how the story ends, it does leave me wanting more.”
-Sheena McNeil, Sequential Tart

“[One story from Waterlogged] that stood out for me due to their craft and originality [is] “Grandpa” by Bevan Thomas and Reetta Linjama, an intimate examination of loss viewed through the lens of Tennyson’s nautical-themed ‘Crossing the Bar.'”
-Jason Wilkins, Broken Frontier

“Each story included in [Giants of Main Street] has its own innate characteristics to attract and challenge the reader but standouts include Bevan Thomas and Ksenia Kozhevnikova’s ‘Fallen Star,’ a beautifully realized, haunting retelling of the Cretan Minotaur’s tragic fate.”
-Jason Wilkins, Broken Frontier

“[In 21 Journeys,] there’s an amazing entry from newcomers Bevan Thomas and Reetta Linjama. A tale of betraying expectations and breaking away from the flock. Veeeeerrry impressed.”
-Angela Melick, Wasted Talent

“Bevan Thomas’ ‘Flyaway’ takes flight from what we think is everyday life: a walk in the park, another day at work. But from this quotidian, another reality sets sail, and it is in the depths of Thomas’ writing that we glimpse into another world.”
-Ray Hsu, Way of Ray


“Bevan has taken-over managing our website and beyond just trying to drive traffic in our direction, he’s been writing a lot of articles for our website and we’ve seen a large increase in our web traffic since he’s taken over…. His work has been excellent and he’s definitely a great person to call on if you need content written.”
-Jeff Ellis, Teach English in Japan

“Bevan is a pleasure to work with. He delivers on-time and on-budget and I can always rely on him to meet deadlines. Bevan is extremely flexible and has a wide range of writing styles and his background in storytelling has been a huge asset for being able to tell the story of my clients…. Anyone who employs him will find him a pleasure and an asset to their team.”
-Mairi Campbell, Personae Concepts

“Bevan’s work for the Curio Media Viscera Film Festival was top quality and high class. In an age where it is common to simply cut and paste, paraphrase, and simplify language too much, we appreciated Bevan’s style, inventiveness and creativity.”
-AdaPia d’Erico, Curio Media

“Bevan is an adept writer and editor, and has been prompt and professional in all projects upon which we have collaborated.”
-Kevin Forbes, Robot and Ghost

“Bevan is one of the most conscientious and diligent professionals I’ve had the pleasure of referring businesspeople to. His easy-to-work-with style combined with his deep & diverse experience allow him to provide writing services that help people to cut through the marketing white noise of all those competing messages. Simply put, he is a ridiculously great value!”
-Patrick von Pander, Big Picture Coach

“Bevan was able to simplify my message and helped bring out my ‘story.’ So often we slip into describing our expertise on the technical fronts forgetting to describe ourselves from a human perspective.”
-Brad Pashby, Sun Life Financial

“He had to write a comic book script which was based on science (well-researched and authentic). It’s always difficult to combine science and art, but he did it with finesse backed by lot of perseverance. I am very pleased with the output of the editing and comic book script writing projects he has done for us so far and I am sure we will work together on many more projects to come.”
-Anirudh Swarnkar, Pipe Dream Labs

“Bevan is very well-organized and has a creative passion for writing, editing and more. We have used his services for multiple times. Recently he has been working on creating news letters for our company and has continuously satisfied our expectations.”
-Amir Zamani, AZ Painting


“If you’re looking for someone who’s energetic, talented, and creative to work with… you should really give Bevan Thomas close consideration because he is a talent and he’s emerging as one of Canada’s stronger writers.”
-Allan Harmon, Really Real Films

“Very detail-oriented writer, bringing the world’s color and characters off the page and into life. Very gifted and fun to work with!”
-Cynde Harmon, Really Real Films

“Bevan has provided my clients with scripts for videos I produced for them. He has done excellent, highly professional copywriting each time. I have no reservations recommending Bevan for any copywriter work you need done.”
-David Cooperstone, Studio Video Facilities

“Bevan helped me greatly with getting my marketing plan up and running and I’m still amazed at how much information he was able to ascertain on our first meeting together. He has an instinct about people that goes beyond words which was exactly what I needed!”
-Katherine Ridley, Seva Bookkeeping

“Not only did Bevan finish well ahead of his deadline, but the client absolutely loved his work, saying it had really captured the essence of what her business was about… and she was still raving about it a week later when I called on another matter.”
-Ed Appleby, Ed’s R Us

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